SSH into CLI not Octoprint

Hi all,

I have installed Octopi and set up perfectly, all working brilliantly.

I want to install some bits on the raspberry pi but when i ssh into it it goes straight to the octoprint ui. is it possible to ssh into the CLI instead. The reason being is i have a script that is long to type out and would be easier to copy/paste from my laptop but as i have found out i can only ssh into OctoPrint UI.

Any help is much appreciatted


There is no OctoPrint UI from the backend side, only the CLI
You get the OctoPrint WEB UI only via the IP address and a web browser.

The installed OctoPi version is a light version without GUI.
You can install a GUI by following the instructions at the end of the startup sequence.

With SSH you can run, besides Putty, WinSCP for easy file management.

Sorry, i may not of made myself very clear. From my browser i ssh using ip address and i get the octoprint ui. Is there a way of ssh from my browser to the cli and not octoprint ui

You can reach the CLI only via SSH or when you connect a keyboard and a TV/monitor to the Pi.

A bit confusing. Can you make a screenshot?

You can not get the OctoPrint UI from via SSH.
Even from your browser.
The OctoPrint UI is HTTP, not SSH. Those are different application layers.

OctoPrint uses an HTTP connection between the system it is running on and a browser on your client system.

OctoPi can be configured to run an SSH server which is connected to with an SSH client on your client system. If that system is Windows, the most popular client software is PuTTY. There is also a native SSH client available is Windows 10 or 11 but most people still use PuTTY.

Another very useful client tool on Windows is WinSCP.

If you have client systems other than Windows, either tell us what operating systems they run or do some research on SSH clients.

I know that all.

What confuses me, is that the OP says, that he gets the OctoPrint WEB GUI via SSH.

I am thinking that @RichieSaps is confused on what SSH is or at least how it works/is used. Maybe somehow confusing ssh and ssl.

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Clicked the wrong "Reply" :grin:. I know you know your stuff :crazy_face:

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Sorry if i am confusing people, perhaps if i explain it different. When i open up google on my macbook pro and type in the address bar the ip address of my raspberry pi, the octoprint ui loads, which is fine and works brilliant. I have a 7inch touchscreen connectted to my pi that i would like to install octodash or octoscreen on. The script i have is long and it says to install it from the raspberry pi CLI.
I thought it would be easier to copy the script from a tab on my browser and then paste it to the raspberry pi cli on another tab in the same browser.
This is where my problem is, i cant get the raspberry pi cli from my browser as i goes to and loads up the octoprint ui.
Perhaps i should use a different program to access the raspberry pi cli and then copy the long script from the browser to the cli
Am i having a brainfart and being stupid. Please advise so i xan stop pulling my hair out
Cheers Richie

I thinkni might be confusing my self. All the guides i read say i can ssh into the raspberry pi by typing the address bar of the browser on a mac or using Putty on a windows pc.
Is this correct

Ya, its not native for a browser to do ssh. You will need to use a different app to do ssh.

I am don't use Mac enough to help you with the best option for that system but here is a list of clients that are options. The 5 Best SSH Clients for Mac

If you did not enable SSH on your OctoPi install(it is likely you did), you will have to figure that out first. I am not going to be a lot of help beyond this point but I am sure others will jump in and help if you are still struggling once you get connected over ssh.


SSH uses another port than HTTP, usually 22 for SSH. That is the the reason you always get to the WEB UI.

For accessing the Pi via SSH see the post of @jcassel

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Just as an FYI, SSH should be enabled by default on the OctoPi image, so this shouldn't be a concern.

I'm not familiar with mac at all, but can't you just open a terminal/shell and ssh into something?

You open a terminal on the MAC and "ssh pi@xx.xx.xx.xx" where pi is the user, xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP address.
OR. You install Putty on the MAC and use it to ssh to the pi. A web browser does not ssh to the pi, it only opens the address as a web page

Thanks for clarification. Got misled by a guide that said on a mac you can ssh by using the bowser, which is where it started to go wrong.

Octodash should be in the plugin manager in octoprint UI. you shouldn't need to ssh to do this.

That's not correct, OctoDash is not a plugin and does have to be installed through the CLI. You might have mixed up the OctoDash companion plugin, that is available as you describe.

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