Ssh wont start from new install nor setup will run

Hello, my first install and I cant access with ssh, rejects port 22.

Ive scanned ports and does not show 22 open at all

Please see the pic with the error. Im new at linux terminal

im connected correctly to my wifi network

It also shows
FAILED- start hostname service
FAILED- start HAProxy Load Balancer


how are you seeing the rejection? eg putty closes? I assume you got /Volumes/boot/ssh from here. When you are logged in to the Pi, do this:

sudo touch /boot/ssh

And then restart ssh.

it looks that mac os using Belena creates a faulty image. Re flashed with pc and everything works fine.

Balena on MacOS works- as you saw, it booted up fine. It's likely that a config file edit went wrong, though.