Stability / Performance on linux

What is the problem?

Nah not really a problem just wondering if anyone is running Octo print from a thin client (old hp t620 in my case.) IF so how is it performing.

What did you already try to solve it?

Nothing yet considering Docker or Linux look for experiences.
Yes Pi is recommended, but I am specifically asking about Linux options.

Additional information about your setup

Hp t610 with ender 3 v2

Nothing ? Is anyone running it on Linux at all ?

Everyone running it on a Pi runs it on Linux.
You may use the search function of this forum to get decent information.

The majority of OctoPrint instances run on Linux, if whatever hardware you are planning to run it on is equivalent to even an old Raspberry Pi, then it will be fine. There's not a lot more to say, the question has kind of confused me as to whether you are asking about hardware or software performance.

@Charlie_Powell @Ewald_Ikemann Valid point text communication isn't my strongest skill.

Let me clarify octopi is ready-made os based on Raspbian.
How does it run on for example CentOS in a docker or installed on the main system. Are the only requirements pyton and nginx ?

OctoPrint will run on Windows, MacOS and Linux, anywhere that you can run python. On - Download & Setup OctoPrint there's links to instruction guides for installing not using OctoPi, or you can find the docker container with it's own installation instructions.

With the install guide for Linux, it's based on Raspberry Pi OS but applies to most Linux distros, the assumption is that you know a little bit about the OS you are running to change paths/usernames to where everything installs.