Steppers motors not working after marlin update

recently I have updated my Ender 3 from Marlin 1.0.1 to 2.0.6. And I have installed the CR Touch firmware too. And now my steppers motors are not working. The steps/mm are okay, and the EPROOM file is the old one from 1.0.1. The steppers are making noises but didnt move. When I use Auto Home or try to use the motors, it doesnt work and on the LCD Display stands nothing. I have used this version "Ender-3Marlin2.0.6HW4.2.2" and then "Ender-3 Marlin2.0.6 CR-touch or BLtouch firmware" from the official Downloads from Creality. Using a micro sd card.

Hello @ichmagpizza119 !

Are you sure you have the correct marlin hex file for your board?

I also would recommend to go to a Creality forum - here is OctoPrint in the first place.

Hi, I have the 4.2.2 motherboard and I have also downloaded a bin file from the official website for my motherboard version.

This is very Creality specific stuff - please consult a Creality forum.

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