Stock Filament Runout Sensor

Hey guys,

I just want to ask if the stock filament runout sensor isn't recognized by octoprint while it is connected to the mainboard of the printer itself.

The only solution to get a filament runout sensor working is to connect it via GPIO to my raspberry? Is that correct?

I hope that it is/was possible to get those data if filament is present or not over the serial USB connection. Can someone help me out? Thank you in advance.

I've got a Artillery Sidewinder X1 with default mainboard.

Hi @nicedevil!

You can read the status with command M412:

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echo: Unknown command: "M412"


Does anybody know please if there is a filament plugin that works with the Anycubic printers to check the stock fitted filament sensor?
I've been having problems with filaments running out when used from Octoprint as the stock sensor doesn't respond.

(Also could do with installing a plugin to count filament used off the reel but that's a separate question...)