Stock install Octoprint & camera & everything works. Using raspistill on SSH does NOT work

What is the problem?

I just did a stock install of the latest Octoprint on Raspberry Pi 4 and everything works fine, including the camera. However trying to get a still picture from the camera via SSH using raspistill does not work. Are there some additional requirements to get raspistill to work??? Thank you.

raspistill requires full access to the camera device when it runs, which is being locked by the webcamd service. You would have to stop the webcamd service in order to use raspistill.

sudo service webcamd stop

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Is that the cause? (That would be great if so.) I don't think I've gotten raspistill to work since Buster came out, to be honest.

As are a star! That fixed it.

Glad to help. Keep in mind, if you stop that service the webcam stream in OctoPrint will no longer work.

Yup. But at least now I know how to switch between the two thanks to you.
For raspistill use: sudo service webcamd stop
and to go back to octoprint: sudo service webcamd start

You could also add those commands to the system menu via config.yaml and control it via octoprint web interface, but since you'll be in the command line anyway to run raspistill probably not that big of a deal.