Stop printing, not work


I pushed button print from sd card.

then stopped, but it doesn't work. it doesn't stop.

I can see it is printing from lcd controller, to stop I have to control it by lcd controller.

what should I check?


I think everyone here could use a little more information about your setup:

  1. brand/model of printer
  2. did you install the octopi image onto a Raspberry Pi and if so, what version of Pi and of octopi
  3. otherwise, if you installed octoprint, what version

When you say "stop" button, I'm aware of a "Pause" and a "Cancel" button in the OctoPrint interface. It helps everyone if you indicate which.

Did you see a message "Cancelling" somewhere?

#3 is a DIY printer.
2. octopi version is 1.35 installed on beaglebone black.

On terminal
when I push pause button
:Changing monitoring state from 'Printing from SD' to 'Paused'

Resume button
:Changing monitoring state from 'Paused' to 'Printing from SD'

Cancel button
:Changing monitoring state from 'Printing from SD' to 'Operational'
Recv: echo:busy: processing
Recv: T:25.9 /200.0 B:25.4 /0.0 B@:0 @:127 W:?

now I am developing plugin, actually I am not printing. so I don't know whether on printing it stops or not.
but as you see, target temperature doesn't go to zero.

is it normal?


Please do not be afraid to supply "too much" information. A DIY printer contains firmware and probably not a DIY controller board. Please provide the make/model/version of both of those pieces. You mentioned an LCD, give us details (i.e. Push pause button, Push button print, buttons are located where?)

On my LulzBot TAZ 6 pre-assembled printer, the bed temperature and nozzle temperature are never lower than the room temperature. 25C (77F) looks like the room temperature to me.

We are happy to help if we have enough information to do so. If English isn't your native language, we can deal with that but it usually means we need more words, not less.


board is ramps1.4A with 2004 lcd and firmware is marlin(but I don't know it's version. just I know it is a bit old version at least not 1.8)

I meant these buttons on Web UI of Octoprint.

if you saw the log I added (Recv: T:25.9 /200.0 B:25.4 /0.0 B@:0 @:127 W:?)
its target temperature of extruder is set 200 even if I canceled print.

I wonder it is normal or not.

as I guess, it should be zero(target temp) I meant the temperature Target temp not real temp measured by sensor.



I'd agree.

I hope my extruder temperature never goes to 0C or else I'd need to close the front door... and then wonder if my apartment were somehow transported to Canada.


Use OctoPrint to connect to the printer. In the OctoPrint Terminal tab, you should see the communication between the printer and the computer. After it settles down, then should be a steady stream of temperature reports as OctoPrint (by default) sends an M155, enable auto-temperature report. If you version of Marlin doesn't support M155, then type "M105" and the firmware should respond with a temperature report.

I'm guessing that it will be similar to "Recv: T:25.9 /200.0 B:25.4 /0.0 B@:0 @:127 W:?" but the target temperature should be 0.0. Type "M104 S40" and then "M105" and the target temperature should show 40.0. Type "M104 S0" and then "M105" and the target temperature should be 0.0 and the nozzle should return to a number close to your room temperature (and the reported bed temperature).

BTW, Type "M115" and the printer should return the version number of Marlin as part of that response.

If this experiment works, then I'm not sure what caused the echo:busy: processing or the /200.0 but I would say that the printer is operating normally.


now I am developing plugin, actually I am not printing. so I don't know whether on printing it stops or not.
but as you see, target temperature doesn't go to zero.

From the very vague amounts of information you've given, I'm assuming you're heating up the bed or nozzle, hitting cancel, and it isn't immediately stopping but continues to heat. Depending on the command you used to heat it up, this behaviour is most likely completely normal and indicative of a "blocking" command. Blocking commands are commands your printer will execute to the exclusion of all others and continue to execute until it's finished. The only way out of blocking commands are to either use another command to break out of it (not all firmwares support this) or to turn off / reset your printer's controller board.