Strange interaction with ender 3 and skr mini e3 controller

I have and Ender 3 upgraded to a SKR mini e3 v1.2 board, with bltouch. Everything works pretty well. Running Octopi on a 4G Pi 4B+. I have installed the PSU Control module and it works well for the intended function, turning off the printer's power after the job finishes. But, if I let the printer sit there (PSU is powered off by relay) for some time with the power from the pi powering the controller (the screen on the Ender 3 is active is the ability to change the parameters, etc, (so I know the controller is powered and active) and I go back to the web page for Octoprint and start a job, the power to the PSU is turned on. No problem there. The auto home proceeds as normal, the 9 point bed leveling goes without a problem, the print starts but when the actual part is printed the X axis is multiplied by what looks like 2X, some times off the right side of the print platform. Other times, when the print starts, the x axis tries to move past the right upright.

I've gotten around this by using the power switch on the PSU, unplugging the USB back between the Pi and the controller. Power on the PSU by the switch (Octoprint still has the relay engaged), then plug in the usb cable. Then start the job in Octoprint, which usually works as planned. Although sometimes it does what was described above.

Does anyone have an idea what could be going?

Thanks, (first post to this forum)


Hello @tfrohling!

Took the liberty to move this to Get Help.

Please share some logs (<- click me).

So I started printing a part but had some issues with my extruder and had to cancel the job using the cancel function of Octoprint. Then I decided print a flow rate cube as a test. I have included the octoprint.log, serial.log and the plugins logfiles.

When the printer started to print the flowrate cube it home to y 0 and X 0 then it moved to the right, assuming that it would stop in the approximate center of the print bed to do a Z 0. It moved all the way to the right forcing the motor to skip. After a couple of seconds, it started the ALB by going back to x-y zero and moving down to the bed to allow the bltouch to register the offset, then it moved to the right and did not stop a the middle of the bed but continued all the way to the right, then it threw the firmware error.

Please let me now what other info you need.


octoprint.log (69.6 KB) plugin_pluginmanager_console.log (12.2 KB) serial.log (102.4 KB) plugin_softwareupdate_console.log (56.8 KB)