Strange issue when running Raspberry Pi Imager and OctoPi

Not sure if it is normal behavior, but wanted to double check to make sure. Using Windows 10 and running Raspberry Pi imager to make the OctoPi image on my 32GB SDHC card, at the end it seems to make and extra USB type drive and it prompts me to format it. I ignore it, and the imager closes out. Using Disk Manager I see that it partitions the 32GB SDHC card into 3 partitions. If I eject the card and put it back into the PC, it comes up asking me to format it again. The card seems to work fine when I install it in the Pi, and 29GB shows as the available space in OctoPrint, so it seems to work.

My question is, is that normal behavior when it the imager completes, to make another drive and prompt me to format it before it closes out?

Thanks in advance!

Completely normal behaviour, I thought I mentioned that in the install guide but can't remember now.

Windows can't read the Linux partition, so it thinks you might want to format it. Of course, as you did, ignore it or you will be back to the start.

I used this link... and now that I reread it over, I see where it mentions asking to format after. I guess I didnt pay attention enough. I think I had to step away the first time I ran it, and when I came back it was complete so I didnt see the prompts. Thanks for the help!

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