Streaming a video and storing it on second Rpi (home assistant)

Need help with my concept and execution of my 3d printer CCTV. I'm total noob when it comes to CCTV, home assistant, Linux and other relevant things.

I've tried searching for option to enable recording of videos instead of time lapses but can't find any info.

I have 2 RPis, 1 for octoprint and 2nd for home assistant. The one that runs octopirint would have additional service running so that a webcam becomes an IPcam and the 2nd Pi running home assistant would grab that video stream and store it. Octoprint sends a trigger that when print starts so Home assistant knows when to record the stream and what name the file should have.
Could that be done?

The constant recording function would by a bonus, the core is having videos stored on 2nd Pi.

Would it be possible to have 2 files recorded simultaneously? Have a constant CCTV stream for each day or something similar and per print video? After let's say 1 day it archives the print footage in zip and then after 3 days deletes it.

It would be nice to have a live view from anywhere.