Streaming using Firefox

I am having an issue when using Firefox. It connects fine but when I switch to the Control tab, I get an initial image on the camera then it freezes and can't switch to any other tab. I need to close the browser window and restart to clear the problem.
Streaming works fine using Edge or iPhone but not Firefox. Any ideas what could be changed in Firefox to make it work?

OctoPrint uses an html syntax for that which looks something like...

<img src="URLtoStream" />

IE doesn't seem to like this (Microsoft stubbornly was trying to force everyone to use their <object> tag). I wasn't aware that Firefox wouldn't do this either. As you'd noted, other browsers are okay with this. I can add to that list which appear to not mind: Safari and Chrome.

@rods87, do you have the debugger open by chance? I've noticed that the firefox debugger can go haywire and bring down all of Octoprint from time to time. Chrome doesn't seem to have this problem, nor does FF developer edition (at least on my machine).

No debugger open. Problem doesn't seem to impact OctoPrint, just freezes the Firefox window. If I have multiple tabs open, I only need to close the OctoPrint one and the re-open without shutting down Firefox completely. It never impacts the active print job either. It used to work fine a couple months ago. Maybe an update changed something.

Same here. I noticed that when RASPICAM works on default resolution 640x480 and any FPS it was working rock solid. When i made higher resolution start getting freezing. When I'm using EDGE - no problems. IE doesn't show anything.

On cell phone everything is ok (despite lag but stream consume 4MB/s). When i used my Microsoft HD camera - no problems in HD. What the shame that Octoprint does not support H265 or similar codec. Maybe it's some problems with libs.

@Lord_Nikkon, just an FYI, but if you are using OctoPi, the webcam stream is generated via mjpegstreamer, not OctoPrint.