Stuck with raspian octoprint install

I cannont get past this point for the install no matter what I do

No such file or directory
I've done the install step by step

It actually failed on the mkdir line. But you should be installing OctoPi instead, which will keep you from needing to go through so many steps.

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[merged topics] Hi I'm following the step by step setup for installing octoprint on raspian. I'm getting to the part where you type the source venv/bin/activate and it tells me no such directory. I read below the main page of setup that some mentioned you have to run sudo /usr/bin/easy_install virtualenv/ Can someone help me ?

im trying to do the octoprint install on the raspian operating system

I get to the virtualenv line and it errors

I know you are. Don't. Install OctoPi instead. Doing an Octoprint install is "expert mode".