Suddenly can’t connect to pi

Ender 3 32 bit board
Raspi 4b with picam
I have power pin of usb taped off
I have it set to static ip (I know the IP address)

This keeps happening. I get octopi working perfectly. Use it every day for a month + with no issues. Take a break for a couple days/weeks, and suddenly Can no longer connect to my Pi through browser or putty.

It is connected to my network (Wi-Fi)

The first couple times this happened, I was shutting the pie down (properly) everyday but I would go to turn it on the next day and it wouldn’t connect, hard shut down, turn it back on and I could. I got tired of that being unreliable so I figured I would just leave it on all the time… and it worked great for a couple months.

I don’t use it for a couple weeks, I go to login from a browser (iOS, windows, or Mac) and once again can’t connect. I checked my router it is connected to the network.

I can re-flash the SD card and start from scratch every time but this shouldn’t be necessary. I don’t understand why it isn’t reliable. Why does it suddenly stop connecting?


Did you try to actually reboot your router once this situation has come up?

Yes I did.

How did you setup the static IP? In the router's DHCP config, or on the Pi? Sometimes, if it is in the Pi's config then it can fail, if the router gives that IP out to another device and so it falls back to a different one.

Are you able to see the IP address the router provided? You could try to connect via SSH? In Windows (and maybe MacOS? unsure) you can open a terminal/command prompt and type ssh pi@TheIpAddress.

Raspberry Pi wifi is not always the most reliable - if you haven't already since you flashed it, run sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade - it might take a while, but it will download a newer version of the wifi firmware than what ships with OctoPi.

I set up the static IP in the router. I will definitely try a firmware update on the pi. Also, while I am having the issue… I am unable to SSH in. I can’t connect through a browser. I was also unable to ping it. All the while, it WAS appearing under connected devices in my router.

I am thinking it might be a Wi-Fi signal STRENGTH issue. While I’ve never had issues in the past, yesterday I was having trouble getting Internet in that room on my phone. Unfortunately I had already re-flashed the SD so I couldn’t test. Next time I have this issue (assuming there is a next time) I will try and move the pi to a different room and see if I can connect.

While I’m not a technology idiot I am new to raspberry pi. Running the updates/upgrade will not affect OCTO print? Will it just update the firmware of the pi? Or will I need to redo the octopi install after update?

I really appreciate the help…

I've seen similar things when the router has more than just a handful of clients. Some routers have narrow limits of how many clients they can actually support and silently push 'older' connected devices off the edge. But a reboot of the router (and maybe the pi) would solve that.