Sugestions on how to manage Raspberry Pi configuration alongside Octoprint

What is the problem?

This is more of a general question than a problem.

I want to add a hardware button to shutdown the pi using GPIO, and a LED to indicate it's status.

I've found some ideas on how to do this.

This requires some system configuration, He proposes two options either a crontab entry or a change to to /boot/config.txt. it's really not anything to do with octoprint, but I'm trying to wrap my head around how to manage the configuration without interfering with octoprint or updates.

One option might be for me to write a plugin which manages changes to the crontab or config files, but that's feeling a bit like overkill to me, maybe not.

You may have a look at the OctoPrint plugin repository. There a lot of solutions:

If you have installed the OctoPi image, then this runs on RPi OS (Lite) so you can do everything you are able to do there in the same way. Changing /boot/config.txt or crontab won't interfere with OctoPrint.

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