Suppress Temperature Messages not working

Actually, for the terminal filters these are all done client side so the correct one would be JavaScript in this instance.

Opps... Fortunately in this case, the regex is the same in both flavors.

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Thanks again for your assistance. Unfortunately "(Send: (N\d+\s+)?M105)|(Recv: == T:.*$)" also had no change in the temperature feed or filtering.
I'm literally stabbing in the dark with no idea myself.
It is very much an entirely new language for me, and I don't even know what this language is called at this point :laughing:.

I'll have to learn much more before I can do any real troubleshooting or make an informed comment or form logical question.
Your reference to "regex" is the first time I'm hearing that word, and don't know what it means. I've never had exposure to any of this language before now.

Your efforts are very much appreciated, but I think you're offering advice to someone that doesn't know what to do with it.

Not sure if this makes any difference, but this is the current RegExp thing text before changing it. All might as well be hieroglyphs to me.

(Send: (N\d+\s+)?M105)|(Recv:\s+(ok\s+((P|B|N)\d+\s+))?(B|T\d):\d+)

It appears to work for me, see demo here:

Regex is a beast of a thing, very powerful but at the same time incredibly confusing. The only way I have managed to make it work is using an online tool, Not suggesting you learn regex, but I would wonder why it works in the online tool. Please absolutely double check you have it right, if not upload a serial.log file with the commands that need to be suppressed in the terminal within, and we will see if there are some differences.

Relevant gif was posted on the OctoPrint discord server the other day:

RegEx == Regular Expression. They are quite cryptic when you first encounter them but sites like Regex101 will help demystify them. With that site you can put in your regex and your test string and it will tell you what the regex is expecting, what it finds and you can probably fix it.

I would fix it but I don't have the test strings from your serial.log files.