Swapping SD cards

Have two identical printers with Pi 4s running OctoPrint. Can I swap Pi SD cards without blowing anything up?

Having an issue with a plugin on one printer, that works fine on the other one. Of course I would image the card before I did anything.

Nothing should explode, it should work fine to swap SD cards about as much as you like. Don't forget to shut down the Pi and disconnect it from the power before switching to avoid corrupting the cards.

Thanks, wasn't sure, right now both printers are about half way through 16 hour prints. When they get finished I play with SD cards.

I would expect at least ssh complaining about the changed MAC ids of the raspis. The router will probably treat them as different machines but they 'll all use the same fingerprint.
I never tried that though.

Ya forgot all about the MAC address, that could be a can of worms. Wonder if there is anyway to change it on the Pi, nope that wouldn't solve the problem just create another one. Oh well maybe I'll figure out why that one plugin is acting up, have a post below in the plugin section maybe something will come out.

Good point, SSH would complain and you'd have to reset the stored keys.

I'm pretty sure SSH doesn't care about the MAC address. It's all about the key fingerprint associated with the hostname you connect to. So if you swap an SD card from Pi A to Pi B and had another key already saved for Pi B, then it will complain, yes. But if you never SSHd into Pi B, SSH won't have any issues with it.

I won!
Finally have all the issues with Octoprint resolved, Cura is working, GPIO shutdown is working, life is good.
Basically I started again from Ground 0 with a new SD card and fresh installation of Octoprint. At first nothing worked even broke Cura, couldn't connect. I deleted the printer, installed a new one copied and pasted the API key and all the sudden it was working. Installed GPIO shutdown and it went just like it was suppose to. Happy Day...

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