Switch down fans with PSU control

Hi everyone, I'm trying to turn off the fans of my Geeetech i3 Pro C through the octoprint plugin "PSU control" but I can't. With the M81 command, only the motors and heaters are switched off. Can anyone help me out?

you need M106 to set the fanspeed (or M107 to turn them off)

I tried to put M106 and M107 in the plug-in, but it only works by putting the fan in the connector for PWM, if I try to say M106 P1 (or P2 or P3) nothing happens

How are the other fans connected? Are they even controllable using the firmware?

I have had boards where there are hardwired fans that are always on when the mainboard was on, and you would had to cut the power to the printer to turn them off.

They are connected to the board only with two wires, positive and negative, not even from the printer display they can be stopped.

It may be that they just can't be stopped without cutting power to the board. I have a GT2560.