Switching from raspberry pi zero to pi 3

i already have octoprint installed to a raspberry pi zero w, now i would like to switch to pi3.
i just need to insert the microsd or i have to do the install process again?!
thanks a lot.

Just inserting the sd card into your pi 3 should work out of the box :slight_smile:
But I would make an octoprint backup via the webinterface just in case :wink:

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If you're happy with it on the Pi 3B, you might consider then:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

It's entirely possible that something might decide to recompile itself to the ARMv7.


just did it and works perfectly. thank you :slight_smile:
another question: installed the logitech C525 that works out of the box with octoprint, but i would like to know is there's something i have to do to configure it better. e.g resolution, etc etc..
thank you.

Search the forum for that model and read the documentation where foosel's describing everything about webcams. If that doesn't work, start a new post in the Get Help -> Webcams section.

webcam works perfectly, but i don't understand if, this settings, are already in the octprint or not..

I don't really know webcams; I only have the one.