Switching on lights before taking photo


I'm looking to setup some lights on my printer. I can easily connect the lights using a pin on the controller (that can be controlled using gcodes), or a pin on the raspi (3B+). These lights can be switched on / off using existing plugins on Octoprint.

However, I want the lights to switch on automatically a couple of seconds before a photo is taken and then switched off after a couple of seconds. Want to create good looking timelapses, but don't want the lights to be on all the time.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

Hi @Dushyant_Ahuja,

maybe this can help you a bit.

Are you planning to use Octolapse? If so, before/after snapshot custom scripts are supported in the latest pre-release (0.3.4rc1). It would be trivial to write a script to turn your lights on/off, then add the script path to Octolapse. Let me know if this is the case and I'll elaborate.

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Thanks - supertaz's idea of a reverse proxy or a wrapper is a great idea. But trying to code this is way beyond my skillset.

Thanks a lot - just installed the pre-release version. Will update if there are any issues.

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I created a plugin OctoPrint-TPLink-Smartbulb that can control those types of bulbs similar to my smartplug plugin. Can control on/off and color switching via gcode which would allow you to add that on your before print starts script.

@jneilliii, that's pretty neat! I just bought one of these and planned to toy around with it using bash scripting. I will give your plugin a go too. I think this could add a neat affect to my timelapses :slight_smile: