Switching to petg from pla

Repeater host using CuraEngine on Octoprint.

The problem is after sitting up to print Petg temperatures. The printer defaults to PLA temps as it starts to warm up?

I've changed the Temps in the printer setup, changed them in the slicer. And in Octoprint.
I did get is to start printing once but the heated bed dropped back to 50c not the 90c that's needed. And it shut down stating "Over Temp error."

Going to try a different slicer now. And see if that makes a difference?

Any Ideas would be appreciated. JD

And all my software is up to date.

Which printer?
Can you heat the bed to 90°C via the printers display menu?

Nope it defaults to 87c. I got it printing now. Not use to the stringing though. I've only used PLA up to this point. I dropped the temps to 250c and 75c. Could the temp of the storage room affect it that much? Its 58f now.

Thanks so much for you quick reply.

ender printer

One of my ender 3 pro printers is also in a room with a similar temperature and I have no issues reaching 80°C.
Never tried higher temps in that room tho.

What do you mean by it defaults to 87c? You set it to 90 and it jumps back to 87 or the temp stops rising at 87c?

Hey I got it figured out. I was missing the switch from my PLA settings to the Petg settings before you connect to the server. It disappears once you connect. Noob mistake. Thanks again for all your help. Jd