Temperature error with anycubic predator

Anycubic Predator

What is the problem?
Unable to start print, start looping error message in terminal
After that, unable to cancel print
After that, unable to lower temperature, still looping the same error message

What is working
Able to reboot octoprint after the error
Raising temperature
Lowering temperature (before the print error appears)

Error code

Recv: //callback_pf error
Recv: //sd cmd error cnt:35307 len:45 :N11 M104 S200 set temp to 200 (removed)115
Recv: ok
Send: N12 G28
Recv: Resend:11
Recv: //last:10 curr:12 rcv:N12 G28*32
Send: N11 M104 S200 set temp to 200 (removed)*115

I have tried printing a model with 200 degree hotend and one with 205 degree, both showed the same error message.

logs below:
octoprint (1).zip (167.1 KB)

Either you should insert a remark separator (;) or leave everything away after N11 M104 S200. The rest is confusing the firmware parser.