Temperature graph next to webcam in control tab?


Is there a plugin that will add the standard temperature graph to the left side of the OctoPrint screen ( say between Connection and State ) ?

I like to have the visual of the webcam, but if I was not watching the graph earlier today when an extruder heater failed, I would not have been able to react so quickly.


Maybe the NavbarTemp-Plugin would be helpful?
So you have the temperatur information direct above the webcam image.


I already have the M117 data in the top bar, and as the saying goes : a picture is worth a thousand words.


Or maybe... (if you're willing to compromise), a combo of plugins: that one plus the Themeify plugin, as configured with customized CSS which moves the temp data from the nav bar onto the Control tab.


Thanks, but I don't see anything in Themeify that allows the display of the temp graph on the left side of the screen next to the webcam


OK. Looks like this is not available ( yet ). Anyone with the expertise to create a plugin ?

requirements :
Add a panel ( collapsable like the connection / status / files list panels ) that contains a copy of the temp graph ?
Does not have to display the axis labels, as long as the graph lines are there.
Purpose is to be able to see, at a glance, if there are any sudden changes in the temperatures.


@foosel - you already have the temp graph on a tab - how difficult would it be to add as an option to the left side of the interface ?

Pic for clarity :


It's not a crazy idea. It just isn't necessarily optimal like a plugin would be:


Themeify allows custom CSS tricks. If you are a CSS coder then you know how to adjust things to your liking.

Unfortunately, it goes away if you change to the Control tab.

...unless you also adjust the display property, methinks.


I could probably cobble this plugin together fairly quickly. I'll take a stab at a side bar temp plugin.


How about overlaying the graph on top of the webcam and using the webcam as a background ?


Brilliant. :grinning: @jneilliii @Spyder @foosel @DaveOB

In Themeify, I just added the custom CSS:

Selector:    #temperature-graph
CSS-Rule:    background
Value:       url(/webcam/?action=stream) no-repeat center


Yeah, I had actually made a WebcamTempGraph plugin that did that, but it can be difficult seeing the graph lines sometimes, based on what the camera sees.

Here's the quickly put together, probably has bugs side bar temp graph plugin. Install using the following URL in Plugin Manager.



And a screenshot.


Does this need Themify active to see the graph ?
I do not yet have Themify installed. I have installed the plugin ( appears in the list of installed plugins ) but no left panel for the temp visible yet.


It shouldn't. Try restarting OctoPrint and then in your browser hold down the ctrl key and press the f5 key to force a reload of the UI.


would that interrupt a print job that is running ?
If so, I will give feedback in about 2 hours


I SEE IT !!!!!

Dude, you are a GENIUS !!

Thank You


Cool, the restart would interrupt a print, but I guess you tried the force refresh.


You could also use the OctoPrint-SidebarOrder to re-order the side bar items to move it up to the top.


I'll probably clean up a bunch of the unneeded code that came across from the temperature tab view model that I copied from @foosel source since this plugin doesn't control the temperature, just displays the graph. Once I clean it up I'll push an update and then publish to the Plugin Repository.