Temperature offsets not offsetting

When I put in a temp offset nothing changes. It saves the offset, but temp stays the same. Tool and bed offsets both do this.

I've updated raspbian, packages, octoprint and plugins. The printer is a monoprice select mini with a ramps/marlin board.

There is no trace of the temp offset in the sent G-code that I can see. Resetting the target temp works, but obviously changes back when the g-code tells it to so I have to keep an eye on it.

Other than this small glitch I <3 octoprint and thank you for all the work!

May I ask you to add the logs?
It might help @foosel if there is a bug

The offsets should get applied to any gcode commands being streamed from a presliced file. They do NOT get applied to any target temperatures you manually enter.

As @PrintedWeezl said, kindly provide logs.