Temperature offsets not offsetting

When I put in a temp offset nothing changes. It saves the offset, but temp stays the same. Tool and bed offsets both do this.

I've updated raspbian, packages, octoprint and plugins. The printer is a monoprice select mini with a ramps/marlin board.

There is no trace of the temp offset in the sent G-code that I can see. Resetting the target temp works, but obviously changes back when the g-code tells it to so I have to keep an eye on it.

Other than this small glitch I <3 octoprint and thank you for all the work!

May I ask you to add the logs?
It might help @foosel if there is a bug

The offsets should get applied to any gcode commands being streamed from a presliced file. They do NOT get applied to any target temperatures you manually enter.

As @PrintedWeezl said, kindly provide logs.

The post seems dead, but I'm running into the same issues. Does the offset only work for commands being sent through the Serial line? Meaning if I'm running off of my onboard SD card it won't have an effect? Thanks

Hello @Christian_Sorensen !

Yes, OctoPrint has to have the data on board to add or subtract the offset value from the original values.

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Sorry to bring this up but Temperature offset not working for me. I have an offset of +5ΒΊ and at printing time temperature is not changed.
Running Octoprint in a raspberry with OctoPi OS.
Find logs attached.


Hello @elpeter !

Firs thing I noted in your log is, that you are running at over temperature

|      throttle_state: '0x80008'

For the serial.log is not enabled and there is no gcode file to refer to, its difficult to find out what's going on.

BTW: There is no need to collect the log files. Just upload the systeminfo bundle.

Thanks so much for your reply!
Over temperature is "normal", the Pi is enclosed together with the MK3S. I plan to get the Pi out of the enclosure.
I'll enable serial.log and run another print. Will attach all logs once done.

BTW: Setup is an MK3S+Bear + Ryper MMU 7Colors 2+1s just in case it might help (maybe related to tool number?)


This is a bit odd... just enabled serial.log, restarted octoprint, set the offset again (as it got lost, not sure if that is what it was supposed to do) and launched a print and at the warm-up phase the offset works well...

It seems it working fine, not sure why it didn't work and now suddenly works. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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