Temperature offsets

On the main Temperature graphing screen there are settings below the graph to manually set the printer hot end and bed temperatures and to the right of those settings are an additional set of entries for "Tool Offset" and "Bed Offset"... What are these offset settings used for?

These days, I usually slice assuming a generic 190 degrees and then decide at the last moment which filament I want to run.

The standard Robo 3D--branded PLA seem to be fine with 190 so I ignore the offset.
The Shaxon PLAs seem to want around 195, so I add a 5-degree positive offset before starting it.

There are times when it's really cold or really hot, weather-wise. Or it might be very humid or very dry. I might then want to tweak things for that one day.

It just allows a general-purpose way of adjusting a single print for what you need to do.

You can also have a single temperature for a part which is two different filaments by layers. You might start at 190 for the PLA base, pause, adjust the offset, change to carbon fiber, resume, etc.

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So what is the procedure for using Temperature Offset? I have tried it but find that it does not seem to work so I am assuming that I am doing it wrong. I am using Octopi on a RaspberryPi connected to a Lulzbot mini.

I never did receive an answer to this question. Can I assume that nobody else has tried it?

I use it all the time with Spool manager. but using it manually works the same, you have to set the offset prior to starting your print, Octoprint will adjust the M104/M109 or M140/M190 commands.

So if in your print you have it set to 200* and you have an offset of -5, it will adjust the command sent to the printer to be 195*

now, if you are using something like printing from an SD card or Virtual SD card, this wont work because Octoprint is not sending the commands to the printer. Also, if you are running Klipper and have temperatures adjusting within a macro, it also wont work because those commands are taking place on the controller and not being feed via Octoprint.

If you use spool manager, you can set your offsets per spool, so you can use the same sliced file for multiple filiments without having to re-slice every time you change a color or vendor.

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