Tenlog TL-d3 Pro issues

I am having an issue with octoprint and .y Tenlog TL-D3 Pro that I can't seem to find a solution to.

Stock TL-D3 Pro running their version of marlin 1.x. I do not have access to raw firmware, just hex file.
Octoprint installed on Pi3B+

When I try print from octoprint the head moves about 1mm/hr then jumps around. This same file will print from the SD card with no issues.

Fix attempts

  • Different USB cords
  • rebuilding octiprint

I've tried reaching out to other owners of this printer and I cannot find anybody who's experiencing the same problem I am.
Tenlog no longer responds to my requests for help.

Could you post the gcode file you are trying to print, and also enable serial.log in OctoPrint's settings, reproduce the issue then upload that too? We might be able to compare the printer's communication to spot what might be the issue.

The gcode is a standard XYZ cube. Here is a link to it

Here is a link to the serial.log

here is a link from my webcam showing what is happening.
I have it timed for every 1 second.

Hi I know its a old post but I have the same issue was there ever a fix for this

Got annoyed enough by the printer and sold it.

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I have also sold my Tenlog TL-d3 Pro printer. It annoyed me enough. :expressionless: