The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 was just released and it gets an OctoPrint stamp of approval!

I know you are wondering, yes, OctoPrint will run, and better yet, even OctoPi 0.18.0 boots up fine on it as well, so no new image needed! And contrary to the earlier iterations of the Zero, the Zero 2 is actually a platform I can recommend for the use with OctoPrint after being able to test it successfully earlier this year!

The only thing to keep in mind is that the version of the Pi Support plugin shipped with the current OctoPi build will wrongly detect the Zero 2 as a Zero/Zero W and warn about its use. I just pushed an update however that rectifies this - I had this prepared for a while now but couldn't push it earlier to not spoil the surprise :slight_smile:

For any more details on my first impression, thermals and a print example, see this Twitter thread:


Great news, Thank you! I've already ordered mine :smiley:

It's great to hear how the Pi Foundation looks after their developers. But I'm not surprised.

I actually just finally got into the alpha program right during initial review samples of this thing were going out, so I was incredibly lucky :sweat_smile:


Good for you! OctoPrint deserves that recognition as platform that moves a lot of raspberry pi sales.

Good news, just ordered one for use with a new printer build About half price of a 3B+ :+1:

That's great news, and great timing for me! I was just today about to start modding my MK3S+ to fit a RasPi 4B into a case on top of the Einsy board.

In that case also take a look here:

I still would advice against that, for completely different reasons.

One way that might help reduce or even eliminate filesystem corruption is to change the rootfs filesystem from ext4 to f2fs.
There's a procedure for doing this HOWTO: Replace the micro SD card's ext4 root partition by f2fs on the Raspberry PI
Setting the boot filesystem read only is a good step.

Good use case for CustoPiZer project maybe to validate if that does make a difference or not.

Received the Zero 2 today and it's successfully installed in my MK3S+ Einsy board case as per Prusa's instructions. Works exactly as the guides state for the Zero except with a lot more power! :mechanical_arm:

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Great news! Were wondering when I saw the announcement, we were gonna test it, but seems you beat us to it :wink:

Is anyone have checked if the Einsy borad can support the higher current drain by the Pi zero 2? (850 mA when cpu at 100%). I fear an overheating of the Einsy borad trace that may damage the pcb.

I would ask that question in the prusa forums - I'm pretty sure they're able to answer that question :slight_smile:

I believe this question is answered in:

Well that's sod's law. After researching what was suitable to run Octopi, I ruled out the Zero and bought a Raspberry Pi 3b on 28th Oct! At least I got a second hand one for a good price, but the smaller form factor of the Zero would have been nice. Octopi is a great piece of software though, currently controlling my new Ender 3 V2.

you can never own enough pis :smiley:


Wahoo !
Nice to have a lower cost option.

I have 2 printers running Octopi - would love to repurpose the Pi4s into something else and use the Pi Zero 2.

Also have a Pi Zero W right now. Not sure what to do with it.

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