The tronxy x5sa just gets screwed up when I print with octiprint

My Tronxy X5SA prints to high and wont extrude when using octo print. when i print by sticking the SD card in it works fine, but when i use octo print it will not work. Any help would be appreciated

My problem is it prints to high when i send a print.

Post your startup gcode and the logs please.
Are you using auto leveling (BL-touch or something else)?

Please install the plugin anyhow. If the communication doesn't work properly, commands can't be sent properly and all kind of issues can be the result.

How do i install it. I'm new to this software

Settings -> Pluginmanager

I'll take a look after work

what am i looking for in the plugin manager

I also have a Tronxy X5Sa, I solved it by installing the CBD plugin. In the Search field write "Fix CBD Firmware Plugin" and then install

thanks i will try it

so this is whats happening attached video and log octoprint.log (159.1 KB)

so sorry wrong video. heres the right one