Time Lapse C922


I have a Logitech C922 webcam.
Can I use Octoprint directly or do I need a Raspberry PI?

Hello @Headshot !

For clarification: A webcam does not run on OctoPrint but the underlaying operating system.

What OS you use depends on the hardware you have. But in most cases it is Linux.


I have an Ender 5 Plus
Windows 10
Logitech C922

I am new to time lapse and this vine of stuff, so looking for help.

Kind regards


You have to have some hardware where OctoPrint that provides support for plugins like Octolapse or the bundled Timelapse plugin shall run on.

These take the images from the camera and create a small movie.

First thing you need is a bit of Software on the Windows PC that connects to the cam & provides it's output as an IP String.
Once you have the appropriate URL I assume that could be configured in OctoPrint.

Mine's on a Pi 4, so Linux provides that stream.

This might help.

(64) Octoprint on Windows - 2 - Adding Cameras - Chris's Basement - YouTube

Hi Phil.

All sounds quite complex.

I am really just wanting to do time lapse of my prints.

Kind regards


Maybe it's more easy when you tell us what you have and do.

I assume yo print directly from a printer.
I also assume you have a Windows PC.

You can install OctoPrint on a Windows, connect a USB cam to that PC. run the print from OctoPrint on that PC and do the time lapse besides.

You can use this for installing OctoPrint on a Windows PC:

Hi Ewald.

I have

Windows 10 pc
Logitech C922 webcam

I want to time lapse my 3d printer.

But how do you currently print?
Do you stick in an SD card & drive the printer that way or do you use some software on the PC to control the printer.

To do Time Lapses via Octoprint you really need it to be in control of the printer & the timelapse fits in after that.

You haven't actually stated that you do or don't already use Octprint to drive your printer.

Sorry for being very brief.

I run my Ender 5 plus using sd card.

I have a Logitech C922 connected to windows 10 pc.

If itโ€™s not too tricky I would like to run and control all via octoprint.

I donโ€™t want to use a pi or similar.

Kind regards


As @Ewald_Ikemann pointed out, you will need to install OctoPrint on Windows 10 (use the script he referenced) and some software that connects to the USB camera and provides a URL for the stream and the snapshot.

I did some quick google searches and I couldn't find any camera software for Windows that might work with OctoPrint.

I think you will be much happier with an RPi solution. The prices should start coming down soon.

I would rather use @jneilliii 's Windows Installer that you can find on the main download page for OctoPrint:

It has the option to also install YawCam, which allows you to stream the webcam and view in OctoPrint

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For the YawCam install to function proper with my installer you will need to have Java installed prior to running. Haven't had the chance to figure out how to bundle that yet. Need to test with openjdk to see if it functions proper or not.

Hi Everyone.

Thanks for your advice.

Sounds quite complex.
I am not against trying new things but this seems long winded for what I want to do.

I am not bothered about controlling my printer from the pc.

All I want to do is create time lapse either by images or video.

Kind regards


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