Timelapse file list not updating


Timelapse file list not updating after print/capture is complete.

Computer: Windows 10
Octoprint - latest stable/production release

Video capture is working and .mpeg file is being created, however the file list is not updating. Upon a octoprint server restart, the file list is updated.

I'm starting octoprint using a --basedir switch to "D:\octoprint_files"



I found the issue/solution:

Running Octoprint under Windows 10 on a Lenovo ideacentre Stick 300, (small form-factor PC on a stick).
Octoprint was installed on SD card drive, with the default SD format on it. Yea, I know it's not an Pi, but it was sitting around and not being used for anything.

I offloaded the applications on the main C: drive and formatted the SD card using NTFS, which allows for permissions. Moved Octoprint directories back, set permissions and now the time lapse directory updates.