Timelapse not working

Hi There,

i am configuring a new instance of octopi using an Ethernet Webcam. I can use the Webcam Stream using http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/snapshot.cgi

if i use the same link for timelapse it's posting this error:
Konnte die Snapshot URL abrufen, aber die Antwort sah nicht wie ein Bild aus: multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary="myboundary" . Bitte überprüfe, dass die URL einzelne Bilder zurückliefert, nicht multipart Daten oder Videos.

The error message is actually telling you what's wrong. Your webcam is returning a stream of single images as multipart response on this URL, not a single image. OctoPrint needs an URL that returns a single self contained image.

so i have to look how or if my ethernet cam can send single pictures? uff^^ thanks