Timelapse only mode


Is it possible to use OctoPrint in a timelapse only mode without any printer attached and if so how would I start the timelapse. I would like to use this to record a construction project but would be generally useful.



I think it would be better to chase something like this. I'm building one myself, btw.


I don’t need anything on rails although that is cool. Just a still camera taking timed photos, maybe time during daylight hours.


Well yeah, just use the small circuit that triggers the shutter release on a standard camera.

Or... go the route where you're using a Pi NoIR or similar Pi-compatible camera and go that route. In the last photo is a Raspberry Pi Zero W as combined with a Pi-compatible camera and ribbon cable, requiring no external circuitry.

The 3rd photo of the set is the cable you'd need for a Nikon-style remote shutter. It goes by other names but this is the one you want. The second photo is the simple circuit that interfaces between that shutter-release cable and the Pi itself.


Pretty sure this has been discussed recently but I've been offline for 2 weeks so I don't remember, but I do think there is work in progress to have a time lapse not related to a print.


All the functionality is already in OctoPrint except a manual start / stop, maybe you have to create a filename. Do you recall the discussion thread?


Sorry, I don't remember the thread, but there is also a plugin I noticed when setting up a fresh octopi install yesterday which looked promising for timelapse use - Octolapse.


Use the dummy printer and create a dummy gcode which proceeds as long as you want.