Timelapses when printing from SD card




I've recently bought a Prusa MK3 and switched from printing from octoprint to printing from the sd card and from the printer itself.

I have octopi installed on a raspberry 3 and connected to the printer via USB and the setup worked well with my past printer printing from octoprint but since I switched to printing from the printer I guess octoprint does not know when a print starts or ends so it's not making timelapses.

I don't know if it is possible to configure octoprint to listen to the printer in some way or it's not possible to use timelapses (or progress or other cool octoprint stuff) when printing from the printer.

Did I miss some configuration? or some plugin?


EDIT: In this particular case I'm totally OK with an answer like: why do you want to do A, you should do B.
In fact I would prefer to use octopi for everything but I assumed that it would be easier (if possible) to get the minimum features out of octopi printing via SD card than get the convenience features from the MK3 (power failure detection and reliable pause-resume) while printing from octopi.

Please correct me if I'm wrong :slight_smile:


You can start prints from SD through OctoPrint, that will give you progress monitoring, time based timelapsing etc. What won't work is the gcode viewer, z based timelapses and anything else dependent on having access to the gcode file.

OctoPrint 1.3.7 will also support detecting prints started outside of it, but that has some strict requirements of how the firmware must behave which last I checked the prusa fork didn't adhere too (yet?). See this commit:


[Feature Request] View GCode when printing from SD Card

Oh, I think that completely solved all my problem. Time based timelapses do work for me and I don't need the gcode viewer.

In case anyone stumbles upon that the only thing I needed to start a "SD print" from octoprint was to select a file that was inside the printer SD card and order it to print.

All features that @foosel mentioned do work as does pausing and restoring print from the printer's control



I was just wondering how one would setup Octolapse to work with printing from SD card? I am using the pi 3 B and c615 camera with latest stable Octoprint and Octolapse connected to my PRUSA i3 MK3. I have Octolapse setup to trigger on Z change and as stated before, when printing from SD, that will not work. My webcam right now is capable of only 720 and have other choices of cameras BUT they can not be connected to pi.

TIA for the help!


Because many printers have problems when printing faster than 50mm/s over usb.
For me it is not a problem because i print slower.
But the mk3 can print faster.
Over USB the print quality is then not as good as printed from the sd card.


I dont have a prob printing slower. I am used to printing with my modded CR-10 @45. I just would like to get nice quality prints AND timelapses without having to go through Octoprint for everything.