To buy or not to buy (decision for bresser w-lan-3d-printer)

Hi guys,
Bresser-3d-printers are on sale at our discounters nowadays.

To be a newbie at these things, I'm thinking of buying such a printer and wondering if it is possible to control it via octoprint including its in build camera and stuff.

It has a eth-network-port and a usb-port, but I'm afraid these are just for updating and cloud handling as well as usb-sticks only.

Is there anybody who's able to give advice for this decision?

ThanX for Ur attention


I can't tell you if this printer works with octoprint but it's pretty overpriced imho.
And a replacement nozzle for 32€? wth?

It seems to be a rebranded Flashforge Adventurer 3

Afaik this printer isn't supported by the Octoprint Flashforge plugin right now

Yes, my dear,
thank U very much for Your hints. I see to buy this one isn't such a great idea.

What printer do You suggest for a beginner who is looking for a smooth and hustle-free 3d-printing and not arts and crafts on 3d-printers. :wink: There is fun in constructing and printing for me - but not tinkering around on the printer. It should perfectly interoperate with Octoprint out of the box.

A bigger working-area than on the Bresser wouldn't harm, as well . . . and what about scanning or is an allrounder not adviceable?

How do U manage these problems? Sorry, lots of questions following less experiences of mine . . .


Just for the record, I would STRONGLY advise against buying a 3d printer from a discounter (just as much as I'd advise against buying one via a Kickstarter Campaign). Especially if you don't enjoy tinkering.

And concentrate on a printer. 3D scanners do exist, but they are quite underwhelming, at least in the price class consumers can afford.

I would suggest an Ender 3 (pro). It's a good beginner printer imo.
Creality got a new Ender 3 model but I don't know much about it.

I agree with PrintedWeezl,

Best starter hands down is the Ender 3, the community, the accessories, the parts; all super abundant.

I would like to add my intro as it is also a great option and one heck of a workhorse.

Anycubic i3 Mega or Mega S

Mine has 2 years of service and a ton of mods to prove it. It comes in just two pieces so you will be up and running in under 30min.


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