Tool path not showing with Prusa Mini+

I am brand new to OP; yesterday I got both my Ender 3 V2 and Mini+ configured (each with its own Pi 3b). Both print fine but unlike the E3, with the Mini+ the GCode Viewer shows the little green dot moving around, but nothing else. Is this a known issue?


Could you upload the gcode file you have this issue with? Since it's not development related, it's been moved to 'Get help'.

It's the spiral vase.
twisted_vase_prusapolymers-1_0.8n_0.3mm_PVB_MINI_18m.gcode (976.9 KB)

The Gcode Viewer shows one layer at a time (you can activate the previous and next layer too).
The thing with spiral vase is, that there are lots of layers with a very short distance.

See this from your gcode file:

G1 Z0.902 X74.028 Y96.432 E0.000
G1 Z0.904 X73.891 Y95.761 E0.001
G1 Z0.906 X73.844 Y95.082 E0.001
G1 Z0.908 X73.888 Y94.375 E0.002
G1 Z0.910 X74.021 Y93.690 E0.002
G1 Z0.912 X74.238 Y93.019 E0.003
G1 Z0.916 X74.772 Y91.734 E0.008
G1 Z0.917 X74.996 Y91.131 E0.004
G1 Z0.919 X75.163 Y90.475 E0.005
G1 Z0.921 X75.212 Y89.902 E0.004

The Z value is increasing all the time with very small steps.
Ans the X/Y distances are very small too. Way smaller than the green point.

To compare, just load a model that is not sliced in vase mode.

Thank you! I am new to Octoprint so that didn't even occur to me.

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No problem