Tool temp intermittently not setting


Background: I am using Octoprint Version 1.3.9, with my Ender 3 printer.

Sometimes (seems to be intermittent) when I start a print, then hit "cancel" on OcoPrint, then later try to print again the same gcode file, I find that the Tool Temp target does not set but stays on zero ("0"). The bed temp seems to work fine however. Sometime after restarting OctoPrint and the printer it does not resolve this issue for the particular file I'm trying to print, but if I try another file (another model) it starts working, i.e. the tool target temperature gets set.

Any advice (new to 3d printing and OctoPrint) on what I should do next time I see this?

  • Particular sequence of steps to follow to reset in the right order?? i.e. Printer, Raspberry Pi, OctoPrint Web interface.
  • steps I could take to help fault find?


I think others would be interested in seeing the first 30 lines of your gcode file, a copy of your Terminal tab's output if you manually try to preheat that tool to some temperature and a copy of your OctoPrint -> Settings -> Gcode Scripts for anything pertinent.


ok - I can look at getting those - if I'm not setting the temp manually, then would the gcode file + Gcode Scripts from OctoPrint* be enough to go off? Is there anything required from the Ender3 to show what it is actually doing, like a log file or something?

* I'll have to look at OctoPrint to find these and see what they are


I think we need to see that a basic command to heat the tool actually works. The simplest way I can think of would be to preheat it manually in the Control tab, then visit the Terminal tab to see the result. Seeing the output/outcome, we could then determine if this is a problem with hardware, firmware and/or settings. If it's happy, we could rule that out for the moment and then move on to what's in your gcode and the flavor of gcode which your slicer is producing.