Touch Screen 3.5 install guide XPT2046 updated Fintech Guide

This is an updated version of Fintech's guide. It worked fine until I tried to get the screen rotation to work correctly. Below is what worked for me. I have tried this on both RP3 & 4 and on 3 different XPT2046 screens purchased over the years.
Not much documentation, just the cut & paste that works for me

Create octopi image

Image Write Imager_1.6.2.exe
clt+shift+X to add wifi credentials

Step 1. Enable SPI by using the terminal command:

sudo raspi-config
sudo reboot

Step 2. upgrade Raspian

sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot

Step 3. Now to modify the configuration file to configure the display

sudo nano /boot/config.txt
#then add this line to the bottom
sudo reboot

Step 4. Log into you Octoprint and install the touch UI plugin.

#Run the following command to install X and touch screen auto login/boot into touch mode
sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-evdev
git clone ~/TouchUI-autostart/
sudo ~/TouchUI-autostart/helpers/install
sudo reboot

Step 5.Install the screen drivers.

#This will fix the touch touch coordinates
git clone ./LCD35-show
cd LCD35-show
sudo reboot

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