TouchUI GUI loading on wrong HDMI

What is the problem?

The TouchUI is displaying on the wrong HDMI output. At first I couldn't get the GUI to load on the touchscreen, the touchsreen drivers are installed and working correctly. When I reboot the screen comes up and after loading stays in the terminal window but never loads the GUI. After trying everything I could find on this forum and others I decided to try connecting another monitor to the 2nd HDMI port of my Pi 4, after a reboot the GUI came up but on the monitor connected to the 2nd HDMI. The 4" touchscreen continues to display the terminal interface with the pi@octopi: prompt. Is there a way to change which port the TouchUI GUI loads too? If you couldn't tell already this is my first Raspberry Pi, so forgive my inexperience, I have spent countless hours trying to resolve this on my own but I can't seem to find anything that addresses this issue.

Any help would be GREATLY Appreciated!

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Raspberry Pi 4b running Octoprint v1.4.2, Octopi v0.17.0. Connected to Miuzei MC21-4 4" 800×480 Touchscreen

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Was there a resolution to this? I have similar issue with different lcd screen.