Translation of Octoprint

The french translation is not available OOTB ; I am aware there is a topic "Traduction Octoprint en français", a guy who offer a zip file containing the french translation (I imported this).

But when looking for "octoprint translation" on qwant, you will find a project on transiflex, and the french translation is alread 100% done.

Why this translation is not included by default in the product ?
Or how to retrieve this translation easily to integrate it in the product ?

Thank you for your help.

@foosel said she won't include anything into octoprint that she isn't able to maintain herself.
And she unfortunately doesn't speak french.

Here the link to those translations in case anyone is searching for them in the future


Okay I totally understand she cannot maintain translations.

Do you know how to export the transiflex translation into a package we can import into octoprint ?

I guess you should ask transiflex first if they're ok with it.

The transifex project is mine, there's nothing that Transifex needs to be ok with here :wink:

Regarding translation stuff, see Translating OctoPrint (really needs to be migrated just migrated it to this forum's guide section). Also includes how to get translations out of transifex via the command line.

If someone would feel inclined to create something like an automatic nightly build for translation bundles from transifex on a simple web page, I'd be grateful. I haven't been able to look into that for years now.

Hello Gina,

Thank you very much for your help, and your awesome product !
The link you gave is not working (always redirecting to
I think it is a bug ?

Hi again,

I had a look on google cache for this page, and nothing on command line to extract transfilez to a package to import it.
Could you help me please ?

Hi PrintedWeezl,

It doesn't help : the (french) translation is already good in transiflex, but I am not able to get it out of transiflex to package the translation in a zip file...
How to do it ?

Oh I thought the compile thing does that

I'll try to build a zip tomorrow


I just did it thanks to the post of Gina. Here is the file : (362.3 KB)

@foosel, is it possible to reference this file in your post regarding the translations please ?

Thank you very much !

@horfee just add a comment to the topic please, as written in the guide :wink: