Travel area problem

What is the problem?

Uploading a gcode file to newly installed octoprint throws a alert.

Travel area exceeds print volume

Travel area in 01_Single_Object.gcode exceeds the print volume of the currently selected printer profile, be careful when printing this.

Travel exceeds print volume in width.
Travel exceeds print volume in depth.
Travel area: (-62.00, 0.00, 0.00) Γ— (362.00, 427.25, 35.00)
Object's bounding box: (10.10, 20.00, 0.00) Γ— (244.00, 200.00, 24.80)
Print volume: (0.00, 0.00, 0.00) Γ— (300.00, 300.00, 300.00)

<small>You can disable this check via Settings > Features > "Enable model size detection [...]"</small>

Systeminfo Bundle

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Additional information about your setup

This octoprint is running on an Odroid H2 setup (Celeron 1.5GHz, 16G memory) and Rocky Linux 8.8. Had this system become excess so I thought I'd throw octoprint on it so it'd have a bit beefier hardware to run on.

Printer is a Sovol SV04 idex (300x300x400). I've defined my printer identically to an older octoprint I have running on an RPi 3b and never seen this alert before. Gcode is only using the left extruder, no dual color in this object. The object is definitely within the build area and I've never seen this issue pop up before. Is this just an issue with the gcode that cura generated?

I think this was an oddity in how cura generated the gcode file. I moved the object slightly toward the front of the build plate and re-sliced it. Uploaded that version and no travel area alert. File did change quite a bit, from 9MB to 8 MB, don't think I changed anything else between slicing so the size difference is weird.

Check you printer profiles end gcode in Cura and see if you have something being commented out that shouldn't be.

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