Tried anybody to use TL-WN821N V2 WIFI stick?

I use heatsink enclosure on my Pi 3 B+, it has wery good heat exchange, but the built in wifi not working correctly. The signal strength is poor. Ping is wery high, webcam stream lagging... I have an external wifi stick TP-Link TL-WN821N V2. I would like to use it, but i didn't found drivers to V2. I'm beginner with Linux, so Thank you all help.

If it's an option, it might be much easier to just add an Ethernet cable. Many times, adding a USB-based wifi eats enough of the available power to lower the 5V internal line on the Pi, negatively-impacting the serial communications and microSD write voltage.

It will be better, but not easier. There is no cable in that room. If not necessary I don't want to cabeling almost the half house.

If it were me, I would visit the TP-Link forum and search for people trying to install on Raspbian.