TronXY Connection issues

What is the problem?

Printer state in octoprint stuck on offline Error: No more candidates to test, and no working port/baudrate combination detected.
I simply can't seem to get octoprint to connect to my printer.

What did you already try to solve it?

Changed baudrate to 115200 since i read that that's an issue with TronXY machines

Additional information about your setup

So, i'm running Marlin on a (heavily mechanically modified) TronXY X5S - 400 with a chitu V5 board equiped with some beefy mosfets for the bed and hot-end. The printer runs fine without octoprint so no issues (that I know of) there. LAst but not least i'm using a raspberry pi 4 B 4GB equiped with a 64GB sd card in sick 3D printed case designed by yours truly to run octoprint.

octoprint.log (53.1 KB)

Let's check if the Raspberry detects the printer at all.

Log into your pi via ssh then disconnect your printer, connect it again, enter dmesg | tail -n 20 and post the output here.

If you need help with the ssh part

Scroll down and start with the Connecting to Your Raspberry Pi over SSH part.
The first part is already done for you in the octopi image.

Have you already tried this plugin:

They've updated to Marlin so that should be fine.


it says command not found

try sudo dmesg | tail -n 20