Tronxy XY2 pro titan and Tronxy XY3

I have a question about two printers that are on different Ochtoprint devices.
The first case - Tronxy XY 2 Pro Titan on Ochtoprint connected via VIFI to a computer
When printing, I initiate the filament replacement. There is no command to replace the filament in the operating system. replace the filament and run without problems. It happens sometimes several times during the press.
The second printer - Tronxy XY 3 on the second Ochtoprint connected by a cable to the computer
It stops printing when it does about 70-80% of the items. Only items that print longer than 2h.

Can anyone help me with solving this problem

Hi :slight_smile:

This plugin might help you with that problem

It would help us if you could upload a log of a failed print so we can see what went wrong.

First enable serial logging

then start a new print, what until it stops again and then upload a systeminfo bundle (click on the link for further details).
Afterwards you can disable serial logging again.

Maybe I didn't write well because my English is bad
The filament does not need to be changed, everything is made of the same filament. But when printing, the M600 somehow starts up to replace the filament and the printer stops and waits for me to replace the filament
Marlin 2.0 is installed on the Tronxy XY 2 PRO Titan

Do you have a filament runout sensor ? If so it might be triggering falsely, but Marlin firmware will initiate the runout script, which is executing the M600 command by default. If you want to disable the filament runout sensor, you need to add the following GCode at the start of each print:

M412 S0 ;disable filament runout sensor

If you're up to it you can also compile Marlin firmware to disable the support of filament runout sensor at the firmware level. This way you won't need to add the GCode snippet I provided to each print.

octoprint-logs (2).zip (381.9 KB) (62.0 KB)
Installed ochtoprint again from scratch. all set and stop printing again

2021-10-23 19:27:25,927 - octoprint.plugins.tracking - INFO - Sent tracking event ping, payload: {'octoprint_uptime': 9925, 'printer_state': 'OFFLINE'}

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