Turn on LED when OctoText takes a pic

I have OctoLight and it works great to turn on my LED remotely by clicking on the icon. OctoText is also great and sends me pictures and notifications of different events, but I would like to turn on my LED strip when it takes a pic.

To a noob, it sounds like a simple solution to put a hook in before OctoText takes a pic and another afterwards (look for a bash script and run it if it exists?) but apparently there is a lot more to it than that.

Any suggestions on where to get started looking into this?

The easiest solution would probably be to add gcode/@/action commands to the OctoLight plugin I would think. This would allow for other plugins or the user to send custom commands that get picked up by OctoLight. I would probably use @ commands, and the relevant necessary hooks related to those.


Custom gcode in OctoText would make it possible to execute system commands (gcode system commands) turn on LEDs (with WS281x LED Status or the WLED plugin), take a picture with OctoLapse (why? just an example :wink:) and more. Would be my preferred solution, the more plugins that use @ commands the better!