Turning off some feature off Octopi depending on the GPIO input

Consider there are four buttons connected to a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint. Pressuing one button will remove the Temp graph from the Octopi user interface and Display "Button 1" on Navigation bar or somewhere. Pressing Button 2 will replace another feature of Octoprint.
One example of this would be in my ceramic head, I don't need Temp window, so Inserting this head would trigger a gpio button, when it happens may be an shell script will be run and that could send some commands to Octopi to turn off some features.?

Is it possible ?
any plugin available ?


Many things within the OctoPrint web interface are possible using JavaScript but more specifically jQuery commands within JavaScript. Removing the temperature graph could be as simple as crafting the correct jQuery filter as combined with toggling some DIV tag's display to none.

Display "Button 1" on Navigation bar...

Not sure where that is but I assume you mean that you need a visual indication on the web interface somewhere that the first button is engaged.

You could do all this but don't you have two different printer profiles related to the two different configurations of your head? If you can wait for the next major iteration of OctoPrint it has in theory new printer profiles which could better support this natively. And then a related plugin could—by printer profile capability—decide which elements of the interface need to be displayed.