Two versions of Octoprint with inputting the same address

What is the problem?

On the same computer, on the same network, using the SAME browser, I access two different versions of octoprint.

Using chrome, going to I am greeted by a blue and black webserver. The one I want is the one with the white background. I used to go to the white one fine, now I need to use Brave browser OR incognito mode in Chrome. I find the white one preferable and more functionable. The question is why/how am I accessing two different site with the same browser?

Example pictures

What did you already try to solve it?

Switching browsers


Additional information about your setup

raspberry pi over local lan

Hello @andy_cooper !

The upper one is the TouchUI view. That is used at first hand for mobile devices.

The second one is the usual "big screen" browser UI.

You can't have both views at the same time.

If you want to refine the design, you may try UI Customizer which offers several ready to run templates.

Why is it suddenly defaulting to touchUI and how do I stop it?

Edit: figured it out, disabled touchUI in touchUI.

I think it got abandoned.

On the top right there is the TouchUI menu. There you turn it off.