Unable to connect Octoprint to Anet A8 Plus

Printer prints fine off of SD card. I can connect to Octoprint via wifi. I just cant get octoprint to connect to my Anet A8 Plus.

Windows 10, Pi4, *OctoPrint 1.7.2, *Python 3.7.3, *OctoPi 0.18.0 (from the bottom of the octoprint page), wireless from computer to Pi, USB Pi to Anet

octoprint-systeminfo-20211214212803.zip (49.7 KB)

octoprint.log (149.6 KB)

Here is the latest Log

Don't delete the template please. It's there for a reason :slight_smile:

Have you tried other cables yet?

doing that now. I'm also on discord trying to work this out. I connected the curent cable into a laptop. The laptop makes the ding. I'm using pronterface, but that wont connect either.

I deleted the template because I only knew the problem and not the othe 90% of the stuff

Edit: I added some more info to the original post

Update: I got it to connect for a short period, but it closes with: Communication error

There was a communication error while talking to your printer. Please consult the terminal output and octoprint.log for details. Error: Too many consecutive timeouts, printer still connected and alive?
octoprint (1).log (179.7 KB)

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