Unable to connect Pi Cam after Octodash install

I wonder if someone can help me out here. I successfully installed Octodash on my Pi 4 recently, but I now have an error accessing the Pi Cam V2 in Octolapse. The message is as follows: Camera Test Failed.
Errors were detected - Unable to connect to the provided snapshot URL of for the 'Webcam - Default OctoPi 0.16.0' camera profile.

Things were working fine prior to the Octodash install (although I have placed the Pi and connected screen in a new housing so messed around with cables etc). However, I've checked my cable orientation etc and all seems fine. Any idea what the issue could be here and how I resolve it? I have a DSLR set up for Octolapse which is working fine, but I miss my Pi cam!

I just installed Octodash today and got the same error. I didn't change anything on the pi or camera, which was working perfectly fine before the install. Any luck with a fix?

I just had this issue tonight installing Octodash. Follow the link to reactivate your camera.

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