Unable to login through ssh or through the pi itself

What is the problem?

I am a huge rookie here but i flashed it and setup the network and set it to united states but I can't access it in cmd with ssh. when I type ssh pi@octopi.local it just tells me "ssh: Could not resolve hostname octopi.local: No such host is known."

What did you already try to solve it?

So I looked on advanced ip scanner and it sees octopi.lan I also tried plugging the rasberry pi into a monitor and a keyboard and when i try to login with username pi and password rasberry it doesn't work.

I looked around and i haven't found a thread that helps so if you could send me to one that would be great thanks.

It's spelled "raspberry" :wink:

I cannot believe that I made that mistake but that is the problem I was having. Thanks haha

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