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Unable to update the other list thing

this is what i get when trying to roll back how do I fix?

its a 404 error. Check the URL using curl command to see if it is correct. Maybe there is a typo? can't see from the screenshot.

Its a straight copy and paste i changed the file name to octoprint-11.3.1.zip but that is all what should the file name be?


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Or you know, just check if simply doing this

solves your original problem with 1.3.12 that you were so pleasant about? But whatever paddles your canoe.

Is it? Interesting. The official FAQ entry tells you to use what @PrintedWeezl linked to you. I strongly recommend to depend on said FAQ entry and follow it precisely.


Thank you so much setting it to 5 seems to have solved it (Never needed this before) haven’t try a muiltple colour yet will try latter but at least it now no longer resets itself