Unable to view\change File List Settings

None of my Octopi systems (Pi 2's, fully patched etc.), correctly display the "File List settings" on the Control Page i.e:

Everything works ok, its just this annoying 'feature', whether I use M$ Edge or Firefox...

Granted it's probably something stupid that I've done, but I can't find where to update/change any setting that affect the screen layouts...

octoprint-systeminfo-20230203110043_Firefox.zip (22.4 KB)
octoprint-systeminfo-20230203105941_M$_Edge.zip (22.3 KB)

Hello @Dr_Ju_Ju !

This is a browser thing. What browser do you use?

The post mentions both Edge & Firefox, I would be inclined to say it is most likely a result of a plugin/browser incompatibility, particularly the theming ones that are installed.

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Ooops - me and my glasses... Sorry :sunglasses:

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Thanks All,

Well, Charlie was right in that disabling the plugin "Themify" (GitHub - Birkbjo/OctoPrint-Themeify: Beautiful themes for OctoPrint) cured the problem...

But on re-enabling/re-configuring the plugin 'broke' the page again, but if I 'Cleanup Plugin Data', on the Plugin Manager page, this also fixed the issue, so this appears to be a workable fix for the issue, but I had to re-configure the required settings.

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